Taylor Family Fall 2013

To say I loved going into the mountains and photographing this family would be an understatement. Going somewhere I've never been before and exploring a way of life I have no knowledge of was soul food for me. The Taylor's are a ranching family and they have cattle they take care of. We traveled up to the La Sal Mountains to Taylor's Flat, a place I've never been. I rode with Tammy and she told me all the stories she's experienced since her daughter Heather married into the Taylor Family. I honestly loved hearing the stories and I hope one day, if they need someone to ride a horse on a cattle drive...they call me.  *wink wink*

While on the mountain, the love of this new family was really vivid. I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding and the first photos of Bailey Dee when she was born, and to watch the family was very refreshing. They worked together as a family, the laughed has a family and although the baby was a little stressing to them at times, they had their little side moments where they didn't see me watching that showed they have all the love in the world for each other. For example, at one point Tammy and I were in the Jeep behind Mike, Heather and Bailey on the way to the Thayne camp when we met Mark (Heather's Dad) on the road. Heather jumped out to talk to her dad. Mike stayed in the car with Bailey and a good song must have popped on because I witnessed a good, strong cowboy boogie down with his beautiful baby girl. It's moments like that which are priceless. 

I look forward to watching this family grow!


The Taylor Family at a Family Cabin