Tabberer Family Fall 2013

She twisted the fallen braid back behind Dewey's ear and twirled it around her finger. The skill and efficiency in which her fingers moved, showed the years of doing her sister's hair. There might have even been a small tug to keep her in place as the fun loving Dewey started wiggling around. Hailey finished Deweys hair as their mother Jessica spoke up, "Haliey is the hair do'er in our family". 

The Tabberer family stood ready for their photo shoot standing in a huge field with tall blonde grass surrounded by large trees with the leaves gold with the sunshine. This tender family was fun to be around. The oldest child Issac, was the most laid back and was happy to whistle and follow his little sisters around when it wasn't their turn. Hailey, the hair do'er was a typical pre-teen. She was irritated and embarrassed by her family as she happily shepherded her little sisters as her own. Dewey, the family comedian, was complete with all the silly faces I believe she'd been working on for weeks prior to the shoot. Olivia, the littlest followed Dewey's lead and looked for great ways to have fun. At one point when I had taken Olivia away from the others so I could focus her into talking to me. I asked her, "What's in my camera?" and without a pause she stated, "a budderfly is poopin' in your camera". Only a 4- year old could come up with something so silly and cute at the same time. I look forward to seeing these children grow as their Mother does a great job raising them.  


Thanks Tabberer Family and keep on enjoying the journey!